Faith Evangelical Free Church is actively involved in missions.

Mission isn't something we do, it's who we are as a body.  Our passion is to reach out cross-culturally to bring the good news of the Gospel message to other nations, cultures and languages.  We strive to train, equip and encourage people to give their lives for Jesus Christ both here and abroad.

We are privileged to have many strategic partnerships with churches, families, individuals and organizations who share our vision for cross-cultural impact. There is abundant opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to engage significantly in this kingdom pursuit.  For more information, please feel free to contact our local Mission Team. 

Team members are: Mark Romanick, Marsha Lange, Julia Zhao, Sarah Hellyer, Deb Todhunter, Andrew Nelson, Kaia Lunde, Bridgette Campoverde, and Paul Fladland.

Where do children and adults from our area go to enjoy summer camps as well as year-around activities?  They go to Cooperstown Bible Camp, a beautiful retreat in the Sheyenne River Valley, approximately an hour from Grand Forks. The entire staff welcomes you to visit CBC's website to see all that is offered and to register for upcoming events.

Ecuador Missions Team Update

July 20

This afternoon, our team delivered the donated supplies to the Calderon Youth Center.  Juan gave thanks to E Free for their continued prayers, commitment, and donations for the youth.  Juan prayed that God would be glorified through the ministry in Calderon, and reminded the team that the youth ministry is God's ministry and His alone.
Today was also our first day of Vacation Bible School (VBS) in Calderon.  Total attendance was 44 children, praise the Lord!  The theme is, "My Life Gift From God."  The children chose team names and created a cheer for their teams. Following that, we played outdoor/indoor games, taught a mini-English lesson, and Mark gave his testimony.  It was a blessed day, and we are looking forward to VBS tomorrow.
Thank you for your prayers and commitment to the Calderon Youth Center. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Blessings from Team Ecuador,
Mark, Marcelo, Lori, Nico, and Bridgette

July 21

Greetings everyone,
We started our day with breakfast at the local restaurant, Bom Café, in Quito. Juan drives in everyday to pick us up to travel to Calderon for VBS and brings us back afterward which is a total of 160 miles a day.  He commented that he and his wife prayed for a car and prayed that they could use a car for ministry, so he is so happy that he has this opportunity to serve us while we are in Quito. We stopped at a grocery store to pick up snacks for VBS and were able to pay for all the snacks from donations from our church members -- thank you! We had 53 children in attendance today.  They drew pictures of animals and the drawings were used to play bingo.  Marcelo taught the Bible lesson and Lori gave her testimony; the children had lots of questions for her.  Today was Carolina's birthday.  She is one of the leaders of the youth Center and is Juan's daughter. We ended the night by celebrating Carolina's birthday at TGIF.  It was a great day!
We have a praise to share.  Last night we discovered that Bridgette's backpack, which contained all her valuables, was left at a restaurant.  Thank God that one of the workers found it and the manager put it in the safe.  Not one thing was missing when it was picked up.  This is very rare and was definitely a miracle! Lori prayed for a miracle and her prayer was answered.

Blessings and hugs,
The Ecuador Team

July 22

Greetings from Quito, Ecuador!
We had another beautiful day at VBS in Calderon today.  We had 43 children in attendance, had a tower making contest, played outdoor games, and made plastic pigs.  Doug and Lori helped with the pig project.  Bridgette gave her testimony, and Marcelo recognized Juan and Lolita for all their hard work to make VBS possible this year.  Tomorrow we will have our closing ceremony, so we will be sure to send pictures.

Blessings to all.

July 24

Hey everyone, it's Nico bringing you the daily update.  On Sunday we took all the helpers from VBS and the kids that normally come to the center to a place called Banos for a little fun trip.  We woke up at about 4:30, and we were ready to leave by 5:00 to be on the road.  It took about 3 hours to get to Banos.  We got this cool bus that seated 32 people; there were only a few extra seats.  When we stopped for breakfast, we went to this park that had a zipline. We got to Banos, and it was really nice. We went to this waterfall called "El Diablo."  I was really surprised that they let kids through there; it was super dangerous.  The waterfall was just blasting water at us and there was just a little ledge to keep the people from falling to their obvious doom.  We had to hike down to get to the "El Diablo" and the hike back up was strenuous.  Then we went to the pool and hot springs. I personally didn't swim, but all the kids swam, the younger VBS helpers my age, and Patricio.  After the children were done swimming, we stopped to have supper.  
It took about 5 hours to get back to Quito.  When we finally got back, we had to say goodbye to the youth workers my age and the younger kids.  It was very hard to say goodbye to people that I got to know really well during the week.  I guess the reality that I won't be seeing the kids or helpers for at LEAST a year was what really got me.  Well, I'm going to be gone for another 3 weeks, but Mark and Lori will be back on Thursday afternoon.  I really miss home, but I will miss Quito a lot too. 


P.S. I got to ride in the trunk of a car all week!  NO seat belts!!

Czech Team Update

July 21

This morning we said our good-byes to the campers at English Camp -- some of whom we don't know when we will see again.  Some we will see at church on Sunday and at the pizza party afterward.  It was raining this morning in the mountains, Mora Moravka, where we were for the week, but that did not stop us from saying yes to the offer of a car ride to the nearby spa town of Karlova Studanka, where one could get one's fill of natural mineral water pouring from old spigots in a gazebo-type building in the middle of town.  We wandered through the tiny village, stopping for an ice cream at one point.  The bus ride back to Olomouc was crowded, stuffy, and slow due to a long traffic jam during the last half hour.  Did I mention we are thankful for the air conditioning in our rooms at the Na Hrade Penzion?
Tomorrow, Derrick, Rebekah, and Alyssa will head to the Castle Boujov, and Paul, Shirley, and I will have lunch with Dafne, her daughter, Sara, and Sara's boyfriend.  We will all end our day with a team dinner and debriefing.
Thank you each for praying for us.  It went extremely well at camp.  Please pray for our continued health and safety as we finish our time here in the Czech Republic.

Debbie for the team

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