Interim Senior Pastor: Walt Barrett

It is with great joy that I began serving as Faith’s interim senior pastor in July 2015. This unique role allows me to focus on three areas that I love: a) Sunday morning bible exposition, b) leading and serving the staff, and c) serving as ministry coach, guide and consultant as I work with the elders and the congregation during this time of leadership transition. I have had the great privilege of serving in a wide variety of ministry settings for over 43 years – as pastor, expositor, missionary, organizational leader, ministry consultant, counselor and staff developer. I serve at Faith in partnership with Interim Pastor Ministries, an organization with a rich history and expertise in helping churches use the time between pastors to become healthier and stronger as they call their next long-term senior leader. My prayer is that some of what the Lord has graciously taught me during decades of ministry may be a significant help and a blessing to our church in this time of transition and change.

My wife and I have been married for 46 years (she obviously has the patience of Job!) and have been blessed with 3 wonderful adult children, their spouses, and 8 grandkids (so far). In addition to pastorates in the US we lived and served overseas as missionaries for 30 years (22 years in Belgium and 8 in Germany). What a rich opportunity to learn new languages, adapt to multiple cultures, shepherd churches, and see the richness and diversity of the global body of Christ. But most of all we have experienced the Lord’s goodness and grace year after year. What a privilege!

Other than ministry and family I enjoy reading and especially walking/hiking on wooded mountain paths. The high point for this was when we lived in the Black Forest of Germany and could see the high alps from our back yard. We’ve enjoyed coming to the Red River Valley, but when I heard ‘valley’ I kinda assumed there would be mountains either side. So far, however, I’ve not found them…Seriously, though, we are very thankful to be here and to experience yet again that God’s ways are always and only good.


You can email Walt by clicking here if you would like to reach him. 

Incoming Senior Pastor: Jason Holm

We're excited to announce the calling of Jason Holm as our new senior pastor. 

Pastor Jason will begin serving at Faith around the end of June. After serving in churches in Missouri and Wisconsin for nineteen years, the Lord has graciously called him to serve here. He and his wife Allison are celebrating twenty years of marriage, and they have one son.



Pastor of Spiritual Formation:
Scott Connolly

I grew up in the sunny warmth of Phoenix, AZ. After a short stint in the military, I moved to Little Rock, AR, where I met and married in 1985 the love of my life, Michelle. After several years there of pastoring in a small church, I had an opportunity to move to Chicago and attend Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, completing a Master of Divinity in 2001. It was shortly thereafter that we came here to Faith E. Free in Grand Forks where I have much enjoyed serving as a pastor of adult ministries and spiritual formation. I’ve often felt thankful that the Lord allowed me to gradually transition into the winters of North Dakota, rather than come straight from the Arizona desert!

My wife and I have four boys and two girls, ages seven to twenty. I enjoy a lot of things in life including, engaging in good humor, hanging out with my family, cooking and eating quality foods, being in the outdoors, conversing with friends over coffee, and reading good books.

I love the gospel. And I love helping others come to know and love the gospel, and be awed by the depth and wonder of the Lord, the cross, and his Word. My vision for ministry centers on helping others to be growing in their knowledge of self, in a heart-level walk with God, in authentic community with their fellow believers, and in the development and fruitful use of their gifts. 


Pastor Scott is our Pastor of Spiritual Formation.  He is involved with helping people of all ages grow in their love and knowledge of God.

Feel free to email Scott!

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