Our Convictions

At FEFC we define worship as “the believer’s response to God with heart-felt submission and joyful obedience. It can include, but is by no means limited to, music.” To the extent that our corporate worship involves music we have several convictions:

  • It must be focused on bringing glory to God
  • It is not to be simply entertainment, performance, or a means of motivating people
  • It aims at drawing people Godward
  • It is based on the truth of who God is and what God does

Additionally, we seek to insure variety and incorporation of a wide range of voices/instruments; utilizing worship teams, choirs, orchestras, smaller musical groups, etc.

Faith Choir

The goal of the choir is to assist the congregation in corporate worship. We do this by helping to lead congregational singing and by presenting music that might encourage all of us to worship the Lord. The choir is open to vocalists ages middle school through adult. From September through May, we generally meet the first Sunday of each month at 3:00pm, with additional rehearsals scheduled as needed. If you’d like to be involved, please contact Amanda at 701.772.3452.

Faith Orchestra

Instrumentalists use their gifts in our worship services on a monthly basis, generally playing on the 2nd Sunday. Rehearsals are held on the first Sunday of the month at 4:00pm, usually from September through May. The orchestra is open to musicians ages middle school and up. With any questions, please contact Amanda.

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